A meeting between seven swedish fashion brands and the students at Beckmans College of Design

For us, it's all about finding the perfect cuts and silhouettes that feel both modern and timeless.

The final-year fashion students have created new visionary collections in collaboration with Back, Diana Orving, House of Dagmar, Lagom Studios, Malinda Damgaard, Filippa K and Örjan Andersson, presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm 2014

We create themes to every new collection where inspiration and brand essence are the common theme.

In seven fashion films the final-year students in Visual Communication have interpreted the fashion brands and collections made by the fashion students as well as explored the fashion film media.

I love the Lanvin film with Alber Elbaz dancing with his models, a clash between French bourgeoisie and popular culture.
Lagom Studios has always been about crossmedia; communicating with as many of our senses as possible at the same time.

The third-year fashion students at Beckmans College of Design have created new visionary collections in collaboration with Back, Diana Orving, House of Dagmar, Lagom Studios, Malinda Damgaard, Filippa K and Örjan Andersson. The challenge for the students have been to maintain the fundamental values of the brands as well as create new approaches to move the brands forward. By interpreting both the history and current influences of the fashion brands the students have formulated their own questions and expressions. The personal interpretations and additions rooted in the core values of the brands reflects the students own visions for the future of fashion. The twelve fashion collections were presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm in January 2014. 

Fashion Students: Olivia Edvinsson, Martin Karlsson, Leonard Kocic, Therése Lööf, Jonna Ru, Ulrika Runius, Moa Sjöstedt, Lena Svensson, Nhina Svensson, Malin Unga, Jenny Vejrich, Marita Öhman

Visual Communication students: Olle Alm, Amanda Arned Senneby, Jonas Eriks, Frida Everling, Lina Forsgren, Linda Hallstan, Hanna Hein, Per Holmquist, Sofia Hydman, Kristoffer Larberg, Isabel Leal Bergstrand, Patricia Miodek, Patrik Mollwing, Lukas Nässil

Fashion Department: Pär Engsheden, Maria Ben Saad, Carita Brodd, Christian Lippich, Marie O’Connor, Göran Sundberg.

Visual Communication Department: Annika Berner, Lars Fuhre, Gustaf von Arbin, Irene Marcus

Communcation concept: Olle Alm, Lina Forsgren, Linda Hallstan, Lukas Nässil

In seven fashion films the third-year students in Visual Communication have conceptualized the meeting between the brands and the fashion students. The films emerge from the fashion students own visions and interpretations of the brands but also from exploring the fashion film media itself. By researching and analyzing fashion communication the students have discussed image, representations and fashion levels and worked with finding new ways to communicate the fashion brands in film.

The digital technique has done an interesting jump from being exclusive and difficult to use to becoming more and more accessible. The creative potential of technology is now for all. This turn has opened up for a new aesthetic and visual culture that draws away from the former digital and technical perfection. Through working with contemporary phenomenons such as 3D-scanning, face tags and digital online culture the graphic profile, communication and visual language of this project were formed by the four students
Olle Alm Linda Hallstan Lukas Nässil Lina Forsgren

I think the hat complement the outfit, giving it that extra something.

Fashion brands: Back, House of Dagmar, Diana Orving, Filippa K, Lagom Studios, Malinda Damgaard, Örjan Andersson. Fashion, Visiting Tutors: Christer Axelsson, Margareta van den Bosch, Lotta Brattin, Sarah Coates, Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson, Jimmy Guo, Kumi Kawaji, Lena Kvarnström, Lillis, Mike Lind, Sanna Molander, Marie-Louise Nordin, Sara Skillen, Susanna Strömquist, Lisbeth Stålborg. Visual Communication, Visiting Tutors: Li Bjurholm von Euler, Calle Buddee Roos, Anton Granström, Kersti Grunditz, Mattias Jakobsson, Ellen Kugelberg, Viktor Pyk, Annika Rogell, Peter Ström, Philip Warkander, Jacob Östberg. Lookbook: Per Möller, Amanda Holmsten, Astrid Eriksson, Lisa Odén Christison, Vitt Grafiska. Fashion Show: Berns Salonger, Mercedes-Benz, Peter Andersson Production, Texas Olsson, Marika Hansson, Rodeo Magazine, Mikas, Lillis, Kristian Löveborg, Agnes Myrehed, Jens Löfgren, M16 and VK16. Invitation, print: Neue, ANR BBDO, 3D Skaparna, Aare. Web Developer: Sanna Frese. Fashion Films, technique: Dagsljus, Ljud & Bildmedia, Kameraten, Light in a Room, Stopp, The Chimney Pot, Nordisk Film

I'm inspired by all headstrong, cool women in my surroundings.
Single images at Beckmans Press Room
Unpacking the new Spring 14 collections, selling the Autumn 14, sending out Spring 14 jeans to our retailers and designing Spring 2015.