Olle Alm

Multidisciplinary creative with a focus on visual experience, interaction and the use of contemporary technology.

Currently taking a Master's Degree in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.

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uk: +44 (0)7729 030619
swe: +46 (0)73-925 78 30

Part Time

Art Direction and 3D for Jonna Ru.

Photography: Ninja Hanna
Hair and make up: Pari Damani
Model: Jessica S, Stockholmsgruppen
With: Linda Hallstan


Trancendental Reality

Bachelor's Degree Project.

A study of the apex of the digital and what we call reality. In an increasingly complex and digitized world our communication is becoming all the more complex and digital in the forms it takes. Now even our experience of the world itself seems to become virtual.

Se project movie on Vimeo.

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration

Concept and graphic design for a collaboration between Beckmans College of Design and seven Swedish fashion brands, presented at MBFW Stockholm 2014.

The students interpretations, rooted in the core values of the brands, reflects their own visions for the future of fashion. This visionary spirit became the foundation for the communication.

Visit the Project site.

With: Linda Hallstan, Lukas Nässil, Lina Forsgren

No Season

Concept for Beckmans College of Design at MBFW Stockholm 2013.

Being the only ones not to show within the confines of a seasonal cycle, we came up with the concept No Season as a way for the fashion students to differentiate themselves. The collections where all derived from material experiments and a process driven way of working and with this in mind, we chose to visually interpret the creations in the same way, emphasizing the students different ideas and inspirations.

With: Linda Hallstan, Lukas Nässil,
Kristoffer Larberg, Viktor Nyström

Face Time

A simple generative design tool using a webcam and a face detection algorithm.

Try it yourself.

Download (OS X).

Made with OpenCV for Processing
by Greg Borenstein

A Liquid Ideal
for Living

Fashion film for two students at Beckmans College of Design, interpreting their visionary collections for the swedish fashion brand Filippa K.

With a sense of humour we captured the spirit of the lifestyle brand Filippa K and as a play with the Scandinavian minimalism the film got the attributes of an interior design tv-show, but still, with a crack in the perfect façade – a potential for something greater.

Featuring actor Malin Crépin.

View at Vimeo.

With: Linda Hallstan

We Come in Peace

Concept and Art Direction for the Beckmans Fashion Graduation Show 2014 at Berns in Stockholm.

With the name ”We Come in Peace” set for the 2014 graduation we decided to build the concept for the fashion show on a flirt with aliens, space and Mars Attacks. To fit the small budget we used sound, light, smoke and a lot of construction plastic to set the mood.

Full show on Vimeo.

With: Linda Hallstan